Sugar Daddy Dating: Sweet, not Sordid!

I never had much luck dating guys my age. I was blessed with pretty, natural blonde good looks and I keep fit and eat healthy, and I had no idea why guys found me so unapproachable, until my roommate told me. “You intimidate guys”, she said “they look at you, and don’t feel good enough for you.” Then she went on to tell me about sugar daddy dating , as it’s known and told me about an older guy she had been dating for a  few months. They met at the hotel she works at. She told me there is a huge difference in dating older men, that they have confidence in themselves and know how to treat a woman.  Honestly, it sounded great, but I couldn’t help but think it was obvious he was dating my friend because she is young and pretty.
Still, the idea stayed with me. I searched online and read up about sugar daddy dating and found a dating site, Millionaire-Match which I joined.. just to see first hand what it was all about. I still couldn’t shake that it was kinda sordid though, wasn’t it just straight up prostitution? I talked more with my friend. She said that yes, some girls, and guys did view sugar daddy dating as mutually beneficial arrangement, and that there was nothing wrong with that, if everyone was upfront.. it was an easy way for young women like us to enjoy a little spoiling and financial help through college. And, older guys were better in bed, and more gentlemanly so really, once you got over a prudish attitude it wasn’t so bad. I did agree.. but I still wanted to date older men for other reasons, obviously the wealth and security they had was appealing, but so too was the self-confidence, and the way they appreciated fit and attractive girls in a way younger men don’t.
I began talking to Nathan, who I connected with after 5 weeks on Millionaire-Match . He was an investor in his early 50s and quite handsome, we connected on fitness mostly as we are both outdoorsy and love to run and climb. The first date, he was a perfect gentleman, although as he dropped me off at my home, he whispered something very naughty in my ear and asked to see me again.

The Day before our second date, I received a beautiful package, of expensive lingerie and a beautiful diamond and pearl choker. I felt rather excited, as it was obvious Nathan wanted me, in “that” way and honestly, my modesty had gone out of the window when faced with his generosity. I wore both the choker, and the lingerie on our date, and whispered to him as we ate dinner… “I am wearing your gift under my dress…”

Nathan smiled… and told me how beautiful I looked, and said “The best is yet to come”. He took me back to his hotel and we spent the night drinking champagne and massaging each other sensuously. And, the rest is history. Nathan and I have been dating now for 6 months, and in that time our chemistry has grown, and he has showered me with gifts of clothes, jewellery and even a holiday. He loves showing me off, and I love pleasing him. I treat it like a full-time job, and in return, he takes care of me financially. Our relationship is definitely close, but he wants children and I don’t so we agreed to keep things as they are. I honestly can’t say I am prepared to settle down with him, but I will continue sugar daddy dating until I find my Mr Right.
So, as a first step into this world, I have to say that it is not sordid in the least, Nathan is very sweet to me, and although sex is an agreed part of our relationship, he is always respectful and does not treat me like a piece of meat, unlike younger guys who tend to take us for granted. Any woman who has negative experiences of sex, would benefit from sugar daddy dating, as it will raise your self-esteem to be with a man who appreciates beauty, encourages you to be your best and also knows how to have sensual sex. And, as there is no stress about money (he WILL take care of you!) you’ll be free to put your best efforts into your relationship.